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2017 Growing Season Wrap Up

The growing season for 2017 started and ended being rainy. However, the middle was quite dry. Both of these extremes caused some challenges for lawns and landscapes all over. The spring was wet. It was manageable, but still wet. This

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2016-2017 Winter Season Wrap Up

Winter started with a bang for the 2016-2107 Winter Season. Heavy wet snow fell in the weeks leading up to Christmas. We reached half of the seasonal average of snowfall for the Grand Rapids area before Christmas. Even though that

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Early Spring Warm Ups

I will have to say that I enjoy the warm weather much more than the cold weather. But as we enter this time of transition between winter and spring, we can only hope for a smooth transition. Early spring warm

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Soil Temperature

When thinking about plants and snow and what is going to happen, we often think about the weather. Something that is often overlooked is the soil temperature. The soil temperature can play a big role in what is going on

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USDA Zone 5

Have you ever looked at a plant at the nursery and wondered what the USDA Zone means on the label? It may say something like USDA Zone 3-8. What is that all about? We will go over what it means,

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