This past growing season was a bit challenging. We had ample rain to start the year and cool temperatures, and ample rain and cool temperatures to finish the year. In the middle was a hot and dry spell.

The hot and dry spell in the middle caused a flash drought for the area when it came to plants. The grass and the landscape plants had plenty of water to start, and they got used to that. But right around the Fourth of July, that changed for everything. However, that dry spell did not last, and we were right back into having more than enough rain. The year will end with above average precipitation for the area.

Grubs were also on the increase it seemed again this year. Grandville specifically was a hot spot for grub activity. If we saw evidence on your lawn, we did contact you. But with all of the rain, the damage could be masked a little bit, and there could still be a population that is unnoticed up to this point.

The rain and the dry, and grubs were the two big items of note for the 2019 growing season. Each year brings new challenges, and every year we work with what we are dealt.

As we wrap of the 2019 growing season, I want to thank all of our customers for a wonderful 2019 and we are looking forward to working for you again in 2020.

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