Updated April 24, 2020

After being not allowed to work for a month, we have finally been allowed to start working again, and that is what we are doing. We are starting to service properties again! We are still planning on getting all parts of our contracts done this year.

We have started already today and will be working hard to get to everyone as soon as possible. We are starting with getting spring clean-ups and fertilizer applications done. Our landscaping staff is helping with this, so any landscaping projects are on hold until we can get the spring clean-ups completed, but once the spring clean-ups are done, we will be right back on to any bark or other landscaping projects that we have lined up.

One thing that we do ask is to minimize contact with our Harkes Landscape staff. It is not that we do not want to talk, but it is being extremely encouraged that we try to stay at least six feet apart, but even more so that we have communication over the phone or email instead of face-to-face. This is to try to minimize the spread of COVID-19.

All of our staff are monitored daily for symptoms, and we are doing more cleaning everyday as well. We are doing everything that we can to keep our customers and our staff safe and healthy. I want to thank everyone for their patience as we were temporarily closed due to two Michigan executive orders, but we are back operating, and are looking forward to servicing your properties this year!

Updated April 10, 2020:

We were hoping for better news from the news conference yesterday (4/9/2020) from the governor, but that better news did not happen. The new Executive Order 2020-42 now has us shut down until the end of the month.

Michigan, in the research that I have done, is the only state in the United States with a stay at home order where our industry is not allowed work. All of the other states have seen the importance of our industry, but our governor does not. I ask that you keep on reaching out to our state leaders to let them know that it is important that we are able to get back to work for the safety and sanitation of your property.

One thing that has turned in our favor in this unfavorable situation is the weather. The cold weather that is forecast will really slow everything down, which will be really good since we are not currently allowed to work. And this colder weather, per some weather forecasters, is expected to last until the end of the month. The cold weather will not hurt any of the plants that have started to open up as they are used to a spring cold snap. So there is minimal worry for that either.

Our state landscape associations are continuing to fight for us and working their best to get us back to work. We are going to continue to follow the law, but once we are able to get back to work, we will be out right away to start to service everything that needs to be done.

Updated March 24, 2020:

As of 12:01 am on March 24, 2020, through Executive Order 2020-21, a shelter in place order has been declared. As a result, we at Harkes Landscape Management, LLC is waiting until the order is lifted, or we hear otherwise that we are allowed to continue working. The Michigan Nursery and Landscape Association is petitioning the governor’s office for clarification on the executive order. Once they hear back from the governor’s office, we will know more. But right now we are sheltering in place until then.

Updated March 21, 2020:

COVID-19 has effected all of us, including the Green Industry. We are Harkes Landscape are taking steps deal with the rapidly changing situation. As long as we are legally allowed to, we will be continuing to service our customer’s properties. We will however be taking precautions for our customers and ourselves to try to stay healthy.

The main change our customers, or prospective customers will notice is using social distancing. We are not trying to be rude, but are just trying to stay healthy. We are attempting to keep at least six feet away. This doesn’t mean that we don’t want to talk and communicate, we still want to, but to do so from a healthy distance. Included in this, we will not be shaking hands at this time.

Behind the scenes, we are sanitizing commonly used surfaces, and making sure that all of our staff is healthy.

As new information becomes available, we will be keeping our staff well informed so we can adjust appropriately. While the situation continues to change we thank you for your patience and cooperation. As new developments arise, be assured we are committed to taking care of our customers and employees. This current environment is like nothing we have had to deal with before, but like I mentioned earlier, as long as we are legally allowed to work, we will be doing so.

We hope that you stay safe and healthy, and we pray for our leaders and medical professionals as we go through this unique time.

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