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2017-2018 Winter Season Wrap-Up

Talk about a little slow, but a cold start to winter. Just after Christmas and through the very beginning of the new year, it was just bitter cold. Many nights had below zero temperatures, and the lake effect snow was

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Cold Snap!

Just after Christmas 2017 the weather turned cold, bitter cold. We set multiple record low temperatures in the days that followed Christmas. We received snow at a steady rate. Now the question, what is the snow and cold going to

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2016-2017 Winter Season Wrap Up

Winter started with a bang for the 2016-2107 Winter Season. Heavy wet snow fell in the weeks leading up to Christmas. We reached half of the seasonal average of snowfall for the Grand Rapids area before Christmas. Even though that

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Soil Temperature

When thinking about plants and snow and what is going to happen, we often think about the weather. Something that is often overlooked is the soil temperature. The soil temperature can play a big role in what is going on

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Upcoming Winter Season

The upcoming winter season is quickly approaching. Last winter was a little below average on the amount of snow that fell. For those who are not a fan of winter, that was good. Even though it can be fun to

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