2017-2018 Winter Season Wrap-Up

Talk about a little slow, but a cold start to winter. Just after Christmas and through the very beginning of the new year, it was just bitter cold. Many nights had below zero temperatures, and the lake effect snow was in high gear. This lasted until mid-January when we started to get some more seasonable temperatures as well as some temperatures a little above average for a few days here and there.

Right around when the temperatures average the coldest in the year, we had a few January thaws, which was a nice break from the cold weather we had to start winter. But like all good things, it must come to an end, and it did. The weather turned more seasonable.

We got into another stretch of continued snow to start February. We had over 20 inches of snow within the first eleven days of the month. Just like before we broke out of the continued snowy pattern and things turned warmer again.

One challenging aspect of this season was the timing of when the snow would start to fall. Many times, the snow would not start to fall until late in the night, typically around 4 am to 6 am, and then would snow very heavy to start and the result would be a blanketing snow fall by the time many people were awake. There is not much that we can do with the timing of the snow, however, we did our best to clear it in a timely manner.

As we are coming closer to spring, we want to thank everyone, customers, suppliers and employees, for another great winter season.

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