Here we are, it is early March, and spring is just around the corner. At Harkes Landscape, we are getting ready for the growing season to start. Equipment is in the process of being woken up from its winter hibernation, and we are prepping as much as we can to get the season going. We are not the only ones getting ready for spring.

Your landscape and lawn are getting ready as well. Winter may still be in the forecast, but your landscape and lawn are heading in the growing direction, even if it is not yet evident. But we do not want spring to show up too early, then have a late spring hard frost and cause damage like a few years ago. Luckily if this is the case, most of the landscape plants are able to recover.

Now, there are some signs of plant growth. You may be able to see some tops of some early spring bloomers appear. Typically we will see hyacinths, daffodils, and tulips starting to sprout from the ground. With these signs we know that spring is coming. We just have to be patient as we wait for it to get here.

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