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Fall Fertilizer

Out of all of the fertilizers, it would seem like fall fertilizer application is the least important. The growing season is shortly coming to a close. The growth rate on the grass is slowing. It is autumn. However, it couldn’t

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Organic Matter in the Soil

Organic matter in the soil is highly beneficial for your plants. But where does organic matter come from? What does it do for your landscape? Where does it come from? Organic matter comes from anything that was once living. It

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The first thing that you may be asking is what is epinasty? The definition of epinasty by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary is a nastic movement in which a plant part is bent outward and often downward. Even simpler, it is the

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Grub Control and Fertilizer

There are two reasons to need a grub control fertilizer applied to your lawn. The first is protection if you have had a problems with grubs in the past. The second is if there was an active population of grubs

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Summer Fertilizer

Things are green and growing. We are in the warm weather. It is summer. After we have prepared our lawns and landscapes in the spring for this time of the year, it is time to feed our lawns again. This

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