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Early Fall

As we come into late September, it is starting to look more and more like fall. We are starting to see more fall color in the trees. Fall is a transition season for many of us. We go from relaxing

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Leaves in February

We are long past the growing season and are very much so in winter. However, have you noticed that some trees like to hang onto their leaves from the previous growing season. Certain trees will hold and not let go

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Trick(ling) Tree(t)

The leaves on the trees are well along when it comes to color. The leaf colors this year have been very pretty. However, it seems like the leaves are taking their time on falling off. The leaves falling are slowed

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Why Clean Up Leaves?

Why clean up leaves? This may being going through some minds as we start to approach the leaf clean up season. Why even bother? What are the leaves on the lawn going to hurt? The leaves are going to hurt

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Signs of Fall to Come

As you look around, you can start to see some signs that fall is on its way. It is hard to think as we are still in the month of August. We are enjoying the warm summer days. But it

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