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Correct Plant Spacing

Planting a new landscape can be a lot of fun. I always enjoy seeing the ideas that we have become reality. However, something that I see homeowners occasionally do is not use the correct plant spacing. Why is correct plant

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Benefits of a Soil Test

If you are having a problem with your lawn, and you just cannot seem to get the grass to be as nice as you want it to be, it may be time for a soil test. This is if you

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How Much Bark?

Refreshing the bark/mulch in your landscape can really help to clean up the look of your landscape. One question that we often get is how much bark should I add to my landscape? It is often not as much as

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When to Divide Ornamental Grasses

As spring approaches, it is time to start to think about what maintenance needs to be done to the landscape. Spreading new bark, cleaning up debris that blew in over the winter, and cutting down any remaining perennials that were

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2016 Growing Season Wrap-Up

We have come to the end of the 2016 growing season. It was another unique year, but aren’t all years unique? Each year has its own quirks and challenges, but like every year, we make our way through. We had

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