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2016 Growing Season Wrap-Up

We have come to the end of the 2016 growing season. It was another unique year, but aren’t all years unique? Each year has its own quirks and challenges, but like every year, we make our way through. We had

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Grub Control

Last fall was an exceptionally bad year for grubs. We have never seen a busier season for grubs, and talking to a fertilizer supplier, he had not seen it this bad either. So what does that mean for us now?

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Grubs can be a real problem for a lawn. They eat the roots and then the grass plant dies off. But what is happening in early to mid July concerning grubs? This time of the year, you will see may

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The Myth about Moles

Moles are very annoying pests. They create mounds in your lawn that disturb the uniformity. Yet, the worst part is that they show up with just about no warning. But what are the moles doing there? What are they eating?

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