Grubs can be a real problem for a lawn. They eat the roots and then the grass plant dies off. But what is happening in early to mid July concerning grubs?

This time of the year, you will see may a lot of beetles flying around. These beetles are either European chafer or Japanese beetles. They are flying around, mating, and preparing for the next generation of lawn attackers/grubs. That is why it is important if you are having trouble with grubs to apply a grub preventive product in late June to early July, you may even be able to apply in mid July because of the lateness of everything this year.

The best type of insecticide would be a product like Merit. It works to stop the beetles from laying their eggs in your lawn, thus protecting your lawn through the next generation of grubs. Products like Dylox are not affective right now. Dylox is a contact insecticide, and there are really no grubs for the insecticide to contact and eliminate; since all of the grubs right now have molted into beetles. Dylox is best in the spring or late summer/early fall when the grubs are actively feeding on turf roots. Just remember, when ever you use any pesticide, including an insecticide, you must follow all of the directions on the label, as the label is the law.

If you are having problems with grubs, now is the time to act to help to stop the next generation of grubs from attacking your lawn.

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