Author: Chip Harkes

Happy Thanksgiving 2018!

We would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! I know that it this coming Thursday, but it is good to be thankful more than just one day a year. It should be an ongoing process to reflect on all

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Interesting Flower

I came across an interesting mum the other day. It was a beautiful plant with a nice lavender color…except for one flower, that one flower was half lavender, half yellow. But what caused the yellow in an otherwise lavender plant?

Early Fall

As we come into late September, it is starting to look more and more like fall. We are starting to see more fall color in the trees. Fall is a transition season for many of us. We go from relaxing

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Lawn Watering Frequency

This post is the second part in a four part series about watering your lawn and landscape. How often should you water your lawn? That is a good question, however there is not a simple answer. The simplest answer would

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Reasons Why Crabgrass Control Does Not Last as Long as Desired

As we get into the middle of summer, we are hoping that our lawns still look perfect. And with a few tasks, that is easily achievable. However, if you start to run short on watering your lawn, and it starts

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