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Sprinkler Height

Underground sprinklers can be quite a help in the summer when we get into a dry spell. But occasionally those sprinklers do break, and they will need to be replaced. When replacing a sprinkler head, it is best to make

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Adjusting Sprinklers

We are coming into the time of year when the days are cooler, and the grass is greener. This is also a time to adjust your sprinklers so that they are not running as much. We will take a look

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Heat Tracks

Have you ever noticed brown parallel lines in a yard that look like they are caused by something driving on it? The usual responses are that the machine was leaking oil or gas and it killed the grass. Or that

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Warmer and drier weather is in the future; you will be running your sprinklers. You want to be able to just set and forget about your sprinklers until it is time to shut them down for the winter. However, that

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