This post is the first part in a four part series about watering your lawn and landscape.

Every living thing needs water. This includes the grass and plants all around us. Some plants need more water than others, but all plants need hydration.

We have had some hot and dry stretches this summer. As a result, some of the grass and some landscape plants are starting to show it. They are looking lighter green to even brown, and looking dry and starting to wilt. Now most of these plants will recover when mother nature provides rain, but it is best not to find out which ones will and which ones won’t. We have already seen some plants that have fallen victim to the heat and lack of water. This can be avoided.

The best thing to do is to keep your lawn and landscape properly watered. This way your plants will stay healthy. And when it comes to the fall and even next season, the plants in your lawn and landscape can provide the show they are supposed to, and not be catching up from the heat of the summer that has gone by.

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