This post is the third part in a four part series about watering your lawn and landscape.

An underground sprinkling system does have it’s perks, it also has it’s drawbacks. The same can be said of using a hose and sprinkler to water your lawn.

Underground sprinklers, specifically the sprinkler clocks can be a very nice convenience. The sprinklers will turn on and off once the clock is set. The clock can go off at a time that works for you.

Remembering to adjust the sprinkler clock can be an issue though. You cannot just set the clock in the spring and expect it to be the correct settings throughout the entire growing season. You will have to make adjustments as time goes on. This is where a hose and sprinkler work the best. You can adjust as the weather changes quite easily.

Underground sprinkling has a higher chance, if properly installed, to provide coverage that is even. However, no system is perfect. This is where a hose and sprinkler can shine because you can add more water to localized areas that are starting to dry out. This is especially true during hot and dry stretches.

When repairing a hose and sprinkler, it is easy to diagnose and simpler to repair. An underground sprinkler system has the majority of it’s parts underground. This means that it can be harder to diagnose a problem, and there may need to be digging up the grass to make repairs.

Now both ways to water your lawn has its pros and cons. And there is no single right answer for watering your lawn, it should be what works best for you and your lawn. The main thing is to keep your lawn watered and healthy.

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