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Organic Matter in the Soil

Organic matter in the soil is highly beneficial for your plants. But where does organic matter come from? What does it do for your landscape? Where does it come from? Organic matter comes from anything that was once living. It

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Leaving the Tag on the Plant

Isn’t buying something new fun? It is in great condition, it is new to us, and it still has the tags on it. Something that is often overlooked when it comes to a new landscape is the tags on the

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Grub Control and Fertilizer

There are two reasons to need a grub control fertilizer applied to your lawn. The first is protection if you have had a problems with grubs in the past. The second is if there was an active population of grubs

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Early Spring Warm Ups

I will have to say that I enjoy the warm weather much more than the cold weather. But as we enter this time of transition between winter and spring, we can only hope for a smooth transition. Early spring warm

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Benefits of a January Thaw

Just about every year, we will thaw out during the winter. We lose the pretty snow cover, and what snow is left turns dirty and brown. It is clearly aesthetically displeasing, but it is quite beneficial for the plants in

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