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Too Many Specimen Plants

Going to a nursery, or looking online, or flipping through a book of plants can be fun. At least if you are into that sort of thing. Many times no matter where we are, we are drawn to the showy

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Unneeded Landscape Edging

Landscape edging can do wonderful things for your landscape. Its main purpose is to separate two different materials. However, there are times when landscape edging does not get used properly. This is unneeded landscape edging. Landscape edging is typically used

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Leaving the Tag on the Plant

Isn’t buying something new fun? It is in great condition, it is new to us, and it still has the tags on it. Something that is often overlooked when it comes to a new landscape is the tags on the

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Fruit Plants in the Landscape

Planning a landscape can be a daunting task. Even just replacing a plant or two can be quite the project. There are so many different plants. Most plants will not work in all situations. There are a lot of things

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How Much Bark?

Refreshing the bark/mulch in your landscape can really help to clean up the look of your landscape. One question that we often get is how much bark should I add to my landscape? It is often not as much as

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