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Slow to Wake Up in the Spring

Have you every noticed that some lawns like the spring more than other lawns? It may seem weird at first, but when you think about the complexity of the lawn, it is not so weird after all. In Michigan home

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Getting Ready for Spring

Here we are, it is early March, and spring is just around the corner. At Harkes Landscape, we are getting ready for the growing season to start. Equipment is in the process of being woken up from its winter hibernation,

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Spring Fertilizer

Every spring your lawn is coming out of dormancy from the winter and getting ready for the growing season ahead. Something that we do to help our lawn is put down a spring fertilizer application. What kind of fertilizer should

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Early Spring Warm Ups

I will have to say that I enjoy the warm weather much more than the cold weather. But as we enter this time of transition between winter and spring, we can only hope for a smooth transition. Early spring warm

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Dormant Grass

Spring is underway, and the grass will be looking better and better every week as the weather warms up. However, you may notice that not all of the grass greens up evenly. Why is that? Why is there still dormant

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