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Cold Snap!

Just after Christmas 2017 the weather turned cold, bitter cold. We set multiple record low temperatures in the days that followed Christmas. We received snow at a steady rate. Now the question, what is the snow and cold going to

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2016-2017 Winter Season Wrap Up

Winter started with a bang for the 2016-2107 Winter Season. Heavy wet snow fell in the weeks leading up to Christmas. We reached half of the seasonal average of snowfall for the Grand Rapids area before Christmas. Even though that

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Early Spring Warm Ups

I will have to say that I enjoy the warm weather much more than the cold weather. But as we enter this time of transition between winter and spring, we can only hope for a smooth transition. Early spring warm

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Benefits of a January Thaw

Just about every year, we will thaw out during the winter. We lose the pretty snow cover, and what snow is left turns dirty and brown. It is clearly aesthetically displeasing, but it is quite beneficial for the plants in

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A Warm Winter Snow Blanket

As the temperatures have turned colder, we head in from working on our landscapes. Now we like to find a warm spot in the house when we relax in the winter. It could be with a cup of hot chocolate,

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