Early Spring Warm Ups

Early Spring Warm-Ups
Daffodils starting to show at the end of winter.

I will have to say that I enjoy the warm weather much more than the cold weather. But as we enter this time of transition between winter and spring, we can only hope for a smooth transition. Early spring warm ups can do quite a bit of damage to plants as they are coming out of dormancy.

This is especially the case if we get very warm weather and the plants start to come out of dormancy, then a cold snap hits. This is where the real problems can happen. We have heard about it in the past with the fruit trees. But the same is true for the plants right in your landscape. The only difference is the fruit farmer needs the trees to make a living. But a cold snap after an early spring warm up can stop a plant from flowering that year if the flower buds are damaged. It can kill off annuals if they were planted too early, which can easily happen with warm weather early on.

Plant die back can also happen to some perennials where the tops die back with cold weather. Some examples of plants like this are hostas, sedum, salvia, etc. The plants as a whole will survive, but the top will be damaged or die back, and it will need to grow back. Luckily healthy plants have enough energy to do so and will recover.

However much I like the warm weather, it is best for it to come is a normal fashion. If we can avoid the early spring warm ups, that would be the best. Unfortunately there is not much that we can control when it comes to the weather. So we just have to go along for the ride, and help the plants out where we can.

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