The Myth about Moles

Damage caused by a mole.

Moles are very annoying pests. They create mounds in your lawn that disturb the uniformity. Yet, the worst part is that they show up with just about no warning.

But what are the moles doing there? What are they eating? For years it was thought that the moles in your yard are eating grubs. Yes it is true that a mole will eat grubs.

But grubs are not their primary food source. The moles in your yard are most likely eating earthworms. So why not get rid of the earthworms?

Earthworms are beneficial for your lawn. Earthworms decompose organic matter and aerate the soil. These two reasons are enough to not want to eliminate them from your lawn.

What about the grubs? The mole is not an indicator of grubs, and this is why the thought “I have a mole, I need to treat for grubs” is wrong.

If you have skunks digging in your lawn, this is a good reason to check your lawn for grubs. Skunks can do a lot of damage to a lawn when looking for grubs. You can still check your lawn for grubs by pulling back a one foot section of turf exposing the roots. If you see any white insects that are c-shaped, then you have grubs. Now you would want to apply a grub control to suppress the grubs.

The myth about moles is that they are only looking for grubs, however, it is earthworms that moles are primarily interested in, but a mole will eat grubs if they come across any. And getting rid of the earthworms is not a wise choice since earthworms are beneficial for your lawn.

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