Fall Snow

There has been some snow in the air the last few days. But it is still fall. It is sad, but winter is coming; no more prolonged warm weather until next spring. But snow does bring its own beauty to the landscape seeing everything covered in white. However, let’s not race into things.

The leaves are slow to change color and then to drop. Hopefully this cold weather will do the trick to start the process in motion. It is always better to have the leaves off the trees and cleaned up from the lawn before we get too much snow. If the leaves are still on the trees and we get a heavy snow, the weight from the snow can snap branches off. There is nothing that we can do to speed this process up, so we shouldn’t worry.

With all of this thinking about fall snow, lets slow down and enjoy the fall colors and the beauty that it brings, as well as the pumpkins and mums that are sitting around this time of the year.

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