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Grub Control and Fertilizer

There are two reasons to need a grub control fertilizer applied to your lawn. The first is protection if you have had a problems with grubs in the past. The second is if there was an active population of grubs

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Summer Fertilizer

Things are green and growing. We are in the warm weather. It is summer. After we have prepared our lawns and landscapes in the spring for this time of the year, it is time to feed our lawns again. This

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Waiting to Plant Annual Flowers

Here we are. There are leaves starting on the trees. Many of the spring flowers are putting on a show. Summer is knocking at the door. We are gearing up for planting our annual flowers for the summer. Before we

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Shade on a Summer Day

During the middle of the summer, when the heat really builds, and rain becomes scarce, we really see that the lawns take a beating. They dry out, turn brown and go dormant. However, that shade on a summer day is

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Grub Control

Last fall was an exceptionally bad year for grubs. We have never seen a busier season for grubs, and talking to a fertilizer supplier, he had not seen it this bad either. So what does that mean for us now?

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