Grub Control

Last fall was an exceptionally bad year for grubs. We have never seen a busier season for grubs, and talking to a fertilizer supplier, he had not seen it this bad either. So what does that mean for us now? Last fall we pushed back the grub population enough to limit damage, but a more permanent grub control option will be needed to provide protection for the rest of the season.

The product used to control the grubs in the fall, Dylox, is different from what can be used during the summer, Merit. In the fall, we can only control part of the population. This is enough to limit the damage the grub are causing, but it is not a permanent solution. It is like a band-aid.

If you had grubs last fall, there are still some grubs in your lawn. This summer, you will need to apply a different control product. This product that is applied in the summer will stop the beetles from laying their eggs back in your lawn. No eggs means no grubs. This protection is until next year when the beetles are looking to lay their eggs again.

If you had grubs last fall, missing the summer application of grub control will greatly increase the chance of having to deal with grubs again in your lawn. Grubs can be quite a problem for lawns, killing large sections of grass. Preventing the grubs is the best way to stop the damage.

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