Contract Comparison

Shopping for a service can sometimes be overwhelming. Since you are looking for a service, that means you would like to have something done. But how can you tell if you are comparing apples-to-apples when looking at competing contracts?

One of the best things to do is to actually read everything on the contract. I know that many times potential customers will look at the price and that is all that is looked at. But that can be a mistake. Read everything, and make sure that what is included in what you are looking to have done. And be careful, if there is a service that is left out of the contract, it is most likely not included.

I know that the bottom line is important when making a decision about a service, but not all services are alike. Some contracts may be cheaper, but they may offer a lot less. If that is the case, you may end up paying more because you now have to add on those additional services.

The best thing to do is read. Some times it will come down to something other than the bottom line to get the best deal.

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