ThunderstormsThunderstorms can be beneficial for your landscape, but at the same time, a thunderstorm can cause some damage too. With all of the thunderstorms that we have had this week, we will take a quick look at what a thunderstorm can do to your landscape.

Bad Results of a Thunderstorm:
  • Rain: Too much rain can wash out exposed soil and bark beds. Rain can also cause flooding and ponding of water in your landscape.
  • Wind: The wind can knock down branches and tip over flower pots and lawn decorations.
  • Lightning: Lightning can strike objects in you landscape and damage them, especially taller plants like trees.
Good Results of a Thunderstorm:Clouds
  • Rain: The water is beneficial your landscape and lawn.
  • Lightning: Lightning can take nitrogen from the atmosphere and turn it into usable nitrogen for your lawn and landscape plants.

Thunderstorms can be good and bad for the landscape. We just have to remember, we cannot control them, so we will just have to roll with the punches and be prepared for when they do rumble through.

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