Spring Overseeding

Spring is when plants start to grow. The grass is greening up. You look at your lawn and you wish to overseed to help to thicken it up. I am going to have to say hold up, you may want to rethink spring overseeding. Here are a few reasons why you may want to wait on your spring overseeding project:

  • Weed Pressure: In the spring, weed pressure is very high. Weeds are actively growing which will create a lot of competition for your grass seed.
  • Crabgrass Control: Crabgrass control not only stops crabgrass from growing, it stops grass seed from growing. The crabgrass control product cannot differentiate between the desirable grass and crabgrass.
  • Summer is Coming: The tender new grass plants are not going to have deep roots. Once the heat and dryness of summer arrives, the newly sprouted grass plants will struggle and may die once summer is in full force.

If you are planting a new patch of grass, with new soil, you will have a better shot at starting a lawn. There will be no crabgrass control in the new soil. With the heat of the summer, you will just have to stay on top of watering the newly planted grass because it is very fragile.

If you want to overseed your lawn, it is best to wait until the early fall, weed pressure is lower, the crabgrass control applied in the spring will be worn off, and moisture is can be more readily available in the fall.

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