Maple Tree Seedlings
Maple tree seedlings growing in a yard.

You may have seen these little plants sprouting all over your yard. If you have, you most likely have a maple tree in the area. The sprouts are maple tree seedlings. They seem to be everywhere. What should I do?

The seedlings come from your local maple tree. All of the helicopters that have fallen off last year are now sprouting and becoming new little trees.

We have not had too many hard frosts, or even killing frosts that would help to kill off many of the seedlings this year. Because of this, you are seeing more maple tree seedlings trying to grow.

What to do about the seedlings? If they are in your lawn, routine mowing should take care of most of them. However, if you have some that seem a little persistent, and are not getting the hint with the routine mowing, then a selective herbicide safe for use on lawns would be a good route to look into. Remember though, when using any pesticide, including an herbicide, read the label and follow all of the directions on the label.

The seedlings may also be all over your landscape beds too. If this is the case, the best option will be to pull the maple tree seedlings out by hand. When they are still small, they should pull of rather easily. If there are too many or are getting too big, and in a wide open area without many plants, you could use Round Up to control the seedlings. But remember, always read the label and follow the directions when using any sort of pesticide, including Round Up. Another reminder, Round Up will kill grass, desirable plants, as well as the maple tree seedlings, so be careful as to where it is being sprayed, including where the wind is spreading the tiny droplets.

Despite being unsightly, the maple tree seedlings are easy to control. Mowing should take care of them in the lawn, and pulling them will easily take care of them in your landscape beds. And we have to remember, it is spring, weeds are going to happen.