Fall Mowing Height

Have you ever thought about the height that you mow your lawn in the fall? The typical thinking for your lawn’s fall mowing height has been short, or at least shorter than during the summer. Have you ever thought of why you are mowing at that height during the fall?

The old line of thought as to why to lower the height that you mow your grass in the fall has been to lessen the chance of your lawn coming down with either of the snow mold diseases. Some like the look of really short grass. And still others want to leaves to roll right off of their lawn as the leaves blow around in the fall.

If you like the short look, then that is up to you. You just have to be careful not to go too low and thin out your lawn too much. However, a short lawn will help the leaves to roll off of it better.

Now it comes to snow mold. Research has not been able to prove that shorter grass helps to lessen your chances of your lawn getting snow mold. More recent studies have shown that leaving your lawn at three inches is your best bet when it comes to deterring snow mold from growing in your lawn.

The height that your lawn is mowed in the fall is not going to make or break your lawn. However, it is worth giving it some thought as to why you would want to change the fall mowing height.

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