Erosion can be a challenge in a landscape. You may have just reworked a portion of you landscape, and the first time that is rains, much of that work was washed away. This can be very frustrating. We will take a look at some erosion control solutions for lawn areas and landscape areas.

When installing a new lawn with a slope, erosion control matting is worth the investment. A heavy rain can wash out the seed and soil from the newly planted lawn, and you will have to start over.

In a landscape, stones do an excellent job of slowing water down. In areas that are prone to washing out, a stone ground cover may be a good option to slow erosion. Established plants also do a good job of keeping soil in place. Ground covers like pachysandra, myrtle, sedum (creeping varieties) can all do a good job of slowing down erosion.

An option that can help to prevent erosion is to route the water in a different direction before it has a chance to erode anything away. Adding gutters or changing the direction of downspouts can do a lot to help prevent erosion from happening. Routing downspouts into underground drainage removes the water from the surface and discharges the water to a desirable location.

Erosion can be a big problem in a lawn or landscape. Whenever you start to notice erosion, it is best to act sooner rather than later to stop the damage from becoming too great. Anything that is damaged will need to be repaired, but the less damage, generally, the easier it is to fix.

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