Fall Overseeding

Overseeding your lawn is often over-looked, but it can do a lot to help to improve the look of your lawn. But why overseed in the fall? It is best is overseed in the fall for three reasons:

  • Less weed pressure. In the fall, weeds are not as aggressive as they are in the spring. The lesser competition from weeds helps to establish new grass plants better.
  • No more crabgrass control. By the fall, the crabgrass control has run its course. The crabgrass control will not only stop crabgrass from growing, it will also stop grass seeds from growing. This is why overseeding is generally not done in the spring when there is a crabgrass control product still active in your yard.
  • The fall has good weather for grass plants to grow. With pleasant days and cool nights, the temperatures are ideal for grass to grow, including grass from seeds.

Overseeding starts new grass plants in your lawn which help to thicken your lawn up. A thicker lawn is more aesthetically pleasing, it helps to lessen soil erosion, and it helps to cool the surrounding environment during the hot weather in the summer.

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