Out of all of the fertilizers, it would seem like fall fertilizer application is the least important. The growing season is shortly coming to a close. The growth rate on the grass is slowing. It is autumn. However, it couldn’t more from the truth about the importance of this fall fertilizer application.

In the fall, the goal is not to create a lot of blade growth. We are hoping to focus the energy and growth on the other end of the plant, the roots. By helping the roots out, we are preparing the grass plant for the long and cold winter that lies ahead.

To help to promote root growth, a fertilizer with a 1-0-2 ratio will be the best option. The potassium, the last number of the fertilizer, should be close to double the amount of nitrogen, the first number. The potassium is what helps to promote root growth.

Why is root growth so important? It is because the roots need to be able to take up nutrients and are the starting point for when the grass wakes up in the spring from being dormant over the winter. When the roots are healthier, the grass plant as a whole is healthier. This will continue into the summer when a good root system is important, but harder to rebuilt. The stress from the summer can be lessened if you have a good root system.

The fall is the best time to built up your root system. The temperatures are idea, and there is typically an adequate amount of moisture for the grass plant. A fall fertilizer application is very important for the health of your lawn. Even though you may not be able to see the benefits right away, they are there and you will be able to see them in the following spring and summer.


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