As the snow melts and spring nears, we are starting to see the lawn damage from over the winter. There may be many areas of concern for your lawn, however, it is best not to worry just yet. We will go over a few common topics of concern when the snow melts away, and we see what is left over: snow plow damage, vole damage, and snow mold.

First, we will look at snow plow damage. This is caused by plowing snow, and the grass was caught by the snow plow, this is pretty simple. The solution to the problem is also pretty simple. If Harkes Landscape Management, LLC caused the snow plow damage, we will fix it up. It is that simple. If the pieces of grass are reusable, we will place them back to where they came from, and if not, new seed will be planted to help start new grass growing there.

The next item is vole damage. Damage may be too strong of a word for what is done by the voles. They create paths under the snow so they can move around. The grass is typically not damaged, just pushed to the sides of their pathways. When the grass starts to grow again, the pathways will be filled back in, and it will look as if nothing ever happened.

Snow Mold: Notice the matted down tan grass blades. Clicking on the picture (to make it larger) will reveal the dots on the tan grass blades, which are survival structures of the snow mold pathogen.

Last of all is snow mold (picture to the right). Snow mold appears as tan colored patches on your lawn and the grass blades are typically matted down. There are two types of snow mold: pink snow mold and gray snow mold. Both types will affect all varieties of cool-season turf. With all of this, there is not too much to worry about here also. The grass will start to recover as the temperatures rise, and the grass starts to come out of dormancy and grow. There is typically no need for any pesticide treatments to be made to your lawn.

All of these problems are easily taken care of. The vole damage and the snow molds take care of themselves once the grass starts to grow, and the snow plow damage will be taken care of by Harkes Landscape Management, LLC if we created it.

If you have any more questions on any of these topics, please feel free to contact us.

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As astronomical Spring starts on March 20, the weather is anything but spring-like. This is Michigan, so it is almost to be expected, and this late winter weather is no exception. Do not worry, Harkes Landscape Management, LLC is ready if we accumulate enough snow on the pavement to plow.

However, as we have been out and about, we have kept our eyes open for any signs of Spring. We have seen a few early budding plants coming up, like tulips and hyacinths. We have also seen some robins around. Spring has to be close, we are just not there yet. Once the ground thaws, and all of the snow melts, we will be starting to work on fixing any damage from snow plowing, and start to work on spring clean-ups and bark installations.

It is not too late to contact us for additional work that you would like to have done on your lawn or landscape. Is there something that needs renovation? Want to add a new bush, or just start over with your landscape? We can help you with your landscape renovations. Would you like to renovate your lawn? Fertilizer helps your yard to receive the nutrition that it needs to grow. We also can aerate and overseed your yard to help to start new grass plants growing.

Don’t let this late winter weather fool you, we are getting ready for spring to come, and don’t let the weather stop you from planning your spring and summer lawn and landscape projects. As you are planning, contact us so that we can help to complete those goals.

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The 2013 growing season is just around the corner! It is that time of year to start thinking about yard work. I know, so early. Hopefully the weather will get warmer, and the plants will start to green-up shortly, but not too soon; we don’t want another year like last when we had a big warm-up, then frost a few weeks later. There was a lot of damage to ornamental plants as well as crops. So soon, but not too warm too soon.

If you were a customer with us last season, you should expect to see your 2013 growing season information in the mail shortly. If you would like to add any services, let us know; we would be happy to give you a price.

If you were not a Harkes Landscape Management, LLC customer last year, don’t worry, contact us to receive a price for the services that you are looking for. We are always willing to meet new customers.


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Welcome to our website! Feel free to look around. Please contact us regarding your lawn, landscape or snow needs. We offer a wide variety of services for your property.

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