Stringy Grass

Stringy Grass - Fountain Grass This is a problem in some lawns, you have the type of grass pictured, that when you cut it, it appears to be very stringy and does not cut that well. Which means that it sticks out from the rest of your lawn and does not look good. This stringy grass is a landscape plant that is now a weed in your lawn.

This stringy grass is fountain grass. The same fountain grass that is found in a landscape setting. Bummer. What happens is the seeds blow into the lawn and start to germinate. Now you have fountain grass growing in your lawn, and it stands out because it does not cut well when the lawn is mowed.

The best way to deal with fountain grass is to treat it with the same product that you treat crabgrass plants with, quinclorac. It typically needs two applications about three to four weeks apart. But this will suppress the fountain grass is your lawn. Just remember, always follow all of the directions on the label when using any pesticide, including quinclorac.

The stringy grass does look unsightly, but there is hope. Patience will be needed as it will take a few weeks for the process, and then a few more weeks to see everything through. However, at the end of the process, you will selectively have removed the fountain grass from your lawn.

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  1. I have this in my lawn!! How to get rid of it permanently? Do I have to get rid of my beautiful fountain grass?? Please advise

    • The best thing to do is treat it with the chemical quinclorac, which is one of the chemicals used to treat crabgrass once it has germinated. You will most likely need to treat it at least twice in about a three week period before you see it start to die off, maybe longer depending on how healthy/strong the fountain grass is in your lawn. Just remember, always follow the directions on the label for any chemical you use, as the label is the law. You could try to dig out the individual fountain grass plants in your lawn, and then replant grass seed in the bare spot. This is a time consuming task, and if you do not get all of it, you may have to dig it out again. As for your desired fountain grass plants, you won’t necessary have to get rid of your fountain grass in the landscape, it will just have to be something that you are aware of for your lawn, and have to treat again in the future.

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