Mulch Ring
A preformed mulch ring.

A ring of mulch around a tree provides many benefits. That mulch ring will protect the tree, provide for the tree, and help to create a neat appearance for your lawn and landscape.

A mulch ring will help to protect the tree in that the mulch adds a buffer strip between the grass and the trunk of the tree. That is important to help to eliminate damage from things like lawn mowers and string trimmers from running into the tree. It the tree is damaged all of the way around the trunk, called girdling, it will kill the tree by cutting of the transportation off water and nutrients from between the roots and the branches and leaves.

A mulch ring can also help to provide for the tree. The mulch will help to retain moisture for the tree to uptake. During hot and dry periods, this can be very beneficial.

Lastly, a mulch ring will help to create a neat appearance for your landscape. Grass does not grow too well underneath a tree, too much competition between grass and trees. However, I would be slow on a preformed mulch ring because of the many drawbacks, a slit to get the ring around the tree, they are easy for weeds to grow in the cracks, the potential for future girdling, and the less than appealing aesthetics of it. A custom mulch ring will provide a much better appearance and benefits for your landscape.

Mulch rings are very important part if your landscape. They protect the tree, provide for the tree, and help to create a neat appearance in your landscape. There are many color and style options that you can use as the ground cover. If you would like to know more about colors and style of mulch, you can click here or here for more information from the Harkes Landscape Management, LLC Blog.

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