Here is a list of some useful resources for a beautiful lawn and landscape:


Grass Establishment (PDF)

Helpful tips and reminders when establishing a new stand of grass.

Lawn Care Calendar (PDF)

A lawn care calendar for the West Michigan area.

Managing Grubs (PDF)

Information about grub problems.

Mow High for Weed and Grub Control

Outbound link. Why it is better to mow your lawn at a higher height? It helps to reduce weed and insect infestations. An article by the Michigan State University Extension.

The Benefits of Turf

Outbound link to an online pamphlet about the benefits of turf to the environment. It is written by The Ohio State University.


Plant Identification and Information

Outbound link. Curious about plant information?, created an online encyclopedia listing many plants found all over the United States.

Fertilizer and Pesticides

Use Phosphorus Free Fertilizer (PDF)

A Michigan State University article containing information about phosphorus-free fertilizers and your lawn.

Database of Pesticides Approved by the EPA

Outbound link to a database of the pesticides approved by the EPA organized by Purdue University. It gives information about all approved pesticides. It is best to search by the EPA Registration Number.


How to Choose a Lawn Care or Landscape Company (PDF)

Helpful information when looking to hire a company to maintain your lawn and landscape.

Soil temperature readings

Outbound link to Michigan State University’s Enviro-Weather station in Hudsonville.

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