To eliminate deer from the landscape would help our plants, however, those same deer do add a bit of interest. But those deer are going to be looking for a meal, and when they are in your yard, if there is something of interest, your plants may be on their menu.

Michigan State University has published a document with a more comprehensive list of plants in the area that deer are mostly not interested in, sometimes interested in, and very interested in. The document is a PDF and can be accessed by clicking here. There are many different websites with lists of plants that deer do not like, however, since Michigan State University is the local research institution for the lawn and landscape, their results are tailored to fit our area.

If you know that deer are a problem in your landscape, choosing plants that are not as interesting to deer would be a good choice. When in doubt and if you have any questions about choosing the right plant, contacting a professional can help to give you some ideas for your landscape.

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